Welcome to the Heartless side of the internet. This is a hobbyist site powered by Neocities, feel free to come by anytime. Made on Firefox and not optimized for mobile, our code might be broken on other browsers.

9/10/22: adding pride pixels and added a guest book ; updates might be slow because of school and the depressive episodes that usually come with it T_T

8/24/22: worked on our about section and added our journal ^^

8/8/22: minor about update! we're trying to work on moving pixels over ^u^ -Whipser

7/28/22: besides adding pride pixels on and off, we're working on redoing our about section to be cool-er

7/24/22: forgot to update this cuz big depressive episode but we've just been working on our about sections and adding pride pixels for the past couple of days

7/22/22: added an alter list/intro to our about, slowly adding to our pride pixels, and some other minor changes

7/21/22: the transring widget is being transphobic but we're there sobbing emoji, also i think we did some minor changes but i dont remember

7/20/22: added the animal crossing shrine (still a wip) and added our own button

7/19/22: working on getting the rest of the graphics from my old graphics collection, added more sites to our resources, added a book section to our reviews in advance, changed the main background, and added those silly info buttons below (ill add more later!!)

7/18/22: tried fixing some broken code.

7/17/22: moved the home button to the "heartless" header, updated the not found page and some other minor changes

7/16/22: got a custom domain, we're now heartless.place! added our first movie review and some other minor changes

7/13/22: added this update log and we're working on finishing some pages throughout the day.

7/9/22: started a total site revamp

3/1/22: site was created

This site uses Mutant Standard emoji in some areas, which are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License!

(js hates me but i'm on the transing the net webring go check out all their sites no ifs, ands, or buts)

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