general usage: people in our "dni" (tl;dr: bigots) don't use our art. we can't stop you, but we will block you if we see you use it :) i don't want bigots using our work. also it discourages us as artists to see people ignore our boundaries so idk consider that.
use of art as icons/profile pictures: fine as long as its credited!!! this goes for any of our art unless it's meant to be used as an icon for us. prefer if you ask if it's a self-portrait (in-sys usually fine)
use of art as graphics: fine as long as its credited; but things like blinkies, stamps, pixels, misc things made for web graphics are fine for use without credit unless specified otherwise
reuploads of our art: i will hook you in dead by daylight. i'm only mildly fine with pinterest reuploads WITH CREDIT. i feel like reuploads create a cycle of uncredited art getting lost without being able to find the artist; it annoys me but if you credit me i won't be that upset.
tracting of our art: fine exclusively for studies! do not upload or share traced art, but you can use our art for studies.
critique/tips/etc: we'll ignore you sorry! as someone with a special interest in art, we don't take it the way you intend :( unless we explicitly ask, it just makes us feel bad
 * unless its something misrepresented / problematic of course
a simple ac lovewired / ic lovewired is fine but we prefer to be linked in credit

To get the question off the table, we use a Gaomon PD1161 drawing tablet and Clip Studio Paint for our serious art. We also use jspaint and whiteboardfox mainly for doodling or sketching. We do not keep track of brushes, the ones we use change frequently. They're probably some free asset on the CSP asset store!

Anyways! With that being said here's arted :) This exists as an archival of art we've posted. Alot are obviously missing, but i plan on adding anything we draw in the future. Click on drawings to see them mildly better in quality && hover over doodles to expand them




SITE GRAPHIC ARCHIVE + "SELF PORTRAITS" (not including system portraits)