(11/11/23) • November 11th 2023
HEYYY honestly i've been wanting to do a site revamp again i can't keep a layout for a second but i've been too stressed to focus on literally anything so that kinda sucks!!!! Uhm!!!! We did try to optimize this layout 4 less code knowledgable sys members but I can confirm that we did not optimize it enough! our code is horrendous!! uhm that might be soon :) that's all I really have to say im abt to sleep so WAVES!!!!! — Blurry (it/he)
(09/01/23) • August 31st 2023
Okay some updates site related. We've made a to-do list because we want to work on this more! I would make it on-site but i'll never check it if it's on here, it's in a private github repository. None of our code is stored on there lol it's all on our puter. Some graphics on here are placeholders, we may or may not redo them (directed at logo especially). I'm not sure how exactly we plan on running this. I honestly might switch some of our graphic resources over here. Erruhm I'm going to be honest I'm very tired as of writing this. It's 2:23am here. Gonna let the update go live and lie about the last updated date cuz i hate september. — Clyde (he/bit/ctrl)
(09/11/23) • September 11th 2023
CW: Vent, Talk of School, Vague Trauma Mentioned. Click to View. Hey. School started, we're hollow. Our body does not react well to this time of year regardless, I'm very aware this is the time of the year a lot of our worst memories stem from. Kinda sucks lol. Haven't been on our meds in forever and inescapable trauma triggers, bad combo.
It's whatever though, this is mostly to say inactivity is inevitable :) — Clyde/Gir (he/bit/ctrl)
(08/31/23) • August 31st 2023
YAYYY HELLO :3 it's been awhile! i decided to get rid of the blog history cuz it made me upset and we posted things majorly without warning, i plan to put some type of censoring in case we post potentially triggering content in the future sorry abt that T_T things have changed a lot! We started testosterone since we last updated, that's a major one! ^-^ I'm very proud of how far we've come since we started this :3c even if i wasn't here for it <3 — Loverboy/Gordon (he/love/she)