Welcome to the heartless side of the internet! Came up with that dumb tagline the first time we coded this site ^-^ Have a look around!! Hope you enjoy your stay here visitor <3

New here? Well fun fact, did you know a bunch of weird anarcho trans freaks run this site? Oh noo, if you want to learn more about the webmasters you've gotta go to that little button about us. That sure sucks. It would be a shame if you didn't click it :(( yay!!yay!!!

This site is coded on Vivaldi Browser with a 1366x768 laptop screen. All elements should work fine with major browsers, mess around with the zoom if it doesn't look right! :D That thing on the top right shows how many people are viewin our site. Idk how or if it works I just think it looks real cool.

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11/11/2023: just some minor fixes & added some art + graphics! also new diary just dropped

10/13/2023: added friday 13th celebratory art :) also some updates to about i forgot what all was there

09/20/2023: updates to our about (minor layout shifts and added to our graphic collection) and added some art!

09/11/2023: added pk fronters to our about (removed zero java button because of it) and updated our blog.

08/31/2023: ANOTHER TOTAL SITE REVAMP WOOHOO guess who forgot to renew their domain. Haha. Check stuff out for our moms bank ty :) /j

02/03/2023: New ABOUT US update and new 23 JOURNAL for the new year. Next update might take awhile, we have plans that might take awhile.

12/19/2022: Total site revamp! Coded this from the ground up, I hope you enjoy the new layout viewer :) Thanks for 18K views by the way!

09/10/2022: adding pride pixels and added a guest book ; updates might be slow because of school and the depressive episodes that usually come with it T_T

08/24/2022: worked on our about section and added our journal ^^

08/08/2022: minor about update! we're trying to work on moving pixels over ^u^ -Whipser

07/28/2022: besides adding pride pixels on and off, we're working on redoing our about section to be cool-er

07/24/2022: forgot to update this cuz big depressive episode but we've just been working on our about sections and adding pride pixels for the past couple of days

07/22/2022: added an alter list/intro to our about, slowly adding to our pride pixels, and some other minor changes

07/21/2022: the transring widget is being transphobic but we're there sobbing emoji, also i think we did some minor changes but i dont remember

07/20/2022: added the animal crossing shrine (still a wip) and added our own button

07/19/2022: working on getting the rest of the graphics from my old graphics collection, added more sites to our resources, added a book section to our reviews in advance, changed the main background, and added those silly info buttons below (ill add more later!!)

07/18/2022: tried fixing some broken code.

07/17/2022: moved the home button to the "heartless" header, updated the not found page and some other minor changes

07/16/2022: got a custom domain, we're now heartless.place! added our first movie review and some other minor changes

07/13/2022: added this update log and we're working on finishing some pages throughout the day.

07/09/2022: started a total site revamp

03/01/2022: site was created