August 24th 2022
( 8/24/2022 )

HIII ONLINE JOURNAL JUST DROPPED!!! Sorry I'm really excited for this because I haven't made any major update in awhile. This is basically just a little spot where we put text rambles and the sorts. Anything that doesn't fit the tabs above? Might go here i dunno!!! Anyways, for the personal update I feel really bad! I'm doing incredibly awful! I don't know why and I can't really remember...like, anything. But that's cool I'll choose to ignore it lol. If you saw our original journal from our old layout (i'm sorry you had to see that) you'd know we had little widgets to help better express our emotions. It won't always be here probably but yknow!!! Look at me go I'm doing that here too. I apologize in advance for how much I'll probably update this. Anyways, I don't have much else to write so I'll leave this here LOL have a nice day reader!

— Shadow (he/it) + Sonic (he/him)